Photo Tip: #3 Take brilliant snow photos.


I shoot a lot of outside winter venues so when I’m venturing out with my camera to capture the snow, I’m reminded of how tricky it can be to shoot for good results.I thought I’d share one simple tip for getting better photos in snow.

So here goes…

Obviously, we all know that snow is bright and white. Your camera, however, responds to the brightness by averaging everything out to give an overall “middle gray” picture.  That’s why, with bright white snow, you’ll often end up with an under-exposed, or dark, photo.

To compensate, tell your camera to over-expose. With snow, I typically over-expose at least one full stop and, sometimes, as much as two. Some factors that will determine how much you over-expose include the amount of snow in the shot, the time of day, and anything else of different shades and colors in the composition.

Now, there’s some subjectivity involved in all photography, of course, where personal taste and style play a major role… and snow is no exception.

But, if the photographer wanted to get a brighter shot, telling the camera to over-expose will result in a more professional image…

As I mentioned earlier, there’s always some subjectivity in how bright or dark you’ll want your shots to be. But simply learning how to understand your camera and using it to create the desired outcome is critical.

When shooting in snow, the general rule of thumb is to over-expose anywhere from one to two stops.
And, if your camera has a mode specifically for snow, go ahead and use it — it’ll take

the guesswork out for you.


2010 Olympic News

I think I got it!!!

It’s nine days out before the 2010 Olympics start in Vancouver, Canada.  I spent the day with four different countries in training at Otsego Ski Club in Gaylord.  What a great day to be out in the winter weather and photograph the training of the half pike snowboarders up close and personal.  They were a blast to watch and I wish they all could win.  There are more pictures posted on my FB page.  Find me at Photography By Blair.

Backcountry Skiing Northern Michigan

Back-Country Ski Trail

The back-country pulls at my soul.

It’s not just the un-tracked lines, the first descents, or the chutes that fill in undisturbed.  It’s also the quietness, the solitude and pureness of this world.   It’s the realization that we can go wherever.  No ropes or boundaries to limit us.  And like all good things, the only limits that exist in the back-country are in our minds.

When I started cross country skiing back in 1979 I never thought that I would ware out the love of this sport, but only after four years into it I knew there was more to this then skiing on groomed trails.  The more I went out the more I would look into the woods and see lines that I wanted to ski.  In 1984 I purchased my first pair of Telle skis.  After that I was hocked on the back-country.  I have four different sets of back-country skis and gear that allows me to ski any conditions.  It is a passion and the love that allows me to ski and photograph the real nature life in the back-country.

I started a back-country ski outing once a year in February with my brotherfriends back in 1986.   Were in our 24th year and leaving for our week ski the same day the Olympics starts.  Let the games began.

If you are looking for a photographer to document your winter event anywhere in the US, including Alaska, especially on skis, my calender is open most week days and weekends thru March.

-10 on a Blue Sky Day

The winter looking glass.

A little bit about  your truly:

As a Wedding and Freelance photographer, I have developed a unique & deep appreciation for the real nature of life, which has incorporated my own style of Artistically Photo journalistic Photography in the past 20 years. I have a way of presenting this style after 30 years behind the lens. As a member of the ISP (International Society of Photography), I have been honored with two awards in 2003 and 2005 in Washington D.C., for best achievement in Outdoor Photography.Winter photography is fun but extremely challenging. The constant challenge is what I enjoy so, if you are looking for the pure essence of artistically creative photography this is ‘Blair’s forte’.


Notice: After 22 years and over 900 weddings I am retiring from the wedding industry. If there are any bride and groom's that are still considering purchasing their copyrights to their pictures. Please message me or email and pass this on. It has been a "Spactabulas" amazing adventure and I met so many beautiful & wonderful people on my journey photographing one of many special days of your lives. I'm humbled to have had this opportunity to be a part of your special day. I will continue to sell my freelance work online & on Facebook. Another chapter with magical, music memories from beautiful Mackinac Island, MI. To all my family and friends, I miss you all so much. PL&H.