Mackinac Island Weddings 2011

Mackinac Island Wedding at the Grand Hotel 2011

Weddings on Mackinac Island. Dreams do come true.

Jenny & Adam’s special day at the Grand Hotel. The weather was fabulous and the celebration was their dream come true. Adam waiting for his lovely bride with her flowers in hand.

So many different photograph possibilities with all the windows.

A small family Wedding made for a very relaxed celebration.

We had a couple of hours to take photographs and that is a rearaty with most weddings. Keep that in mind when your planning your wedding day. Schedule as much time as you possibility can with your photographer. Give them time to be creative. They will thank you for it.

The chairs on the Grand porch, the view, and all the smiles.

Horse and carriages are so much of the Island that you just have to photograph the bride and groom with this part of the Island.

The flowers at the Grand Hotel in the spring are fabulous and make for great backdrops…

So many different venues.

Congratulations Jenny & Adam, wish you all the best in your Life travels together.

Don’t forget the rings…

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